Pastor ~ Rev. Lawrence F. Crehan

Sunday Ministry ~ Rev. Rene Barczak, O.F.M.

Sunday Ministry ~ Rev. Bernard Taglianetti

Sunday Ministry ~ Rev. Aloysius Ochasi

Deacon Raymond Jacobucci

Director of Religious Education ~
Anne Florian

Music Director ~ Dee LeFevre

Choir Director ~ Marie Depasquale

Parish Business Manager ~
Joseph Costello

Parish Secretary ~ Patti Duff

Facilities Manager, St. John of the Cross Worship Site ~ Chris Marsh

Maintenance ~ Skip Webb


June 18, 2017

Dear Friends,

As I announced at all of the Masses on Trinity Sunday, during the week of June 5, 2017 we received permission from the Diocese to begin negotiations for the sale of St. John of the Cross. We are presently in negotiations with Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown. Please note we are in negotiations. There is nothing final. The property is not sold.

The Parish Council, Parish Finance Committee and I understand you might have questions and concerns. We will do the best we can to respond in a comprehensive manner.

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