May 31, 2020

A Message from Father Larry...

My Dear Friends,

By the time you read this message our parish has participated in a web meeting with the Archdiocese regarding the opening of our Churches for public Masses.

I want to reemphasize your safety is most important. We will do the best we can to keep the church sanitized. Cleaners will be in twice a week for this purpose. Masks will continue to be required when in our church. If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone who is sick, please stay at home! We all want to receive the Eucharist but NOT at the risk to our fellow parishioners. We have taken the following safety precautions:

  • The church is now designed for social distancing i.e. pews have been blocked off at 6 foot intervals. We ask you to practice social distancing in the pews.
  • We will have "no touch" forehead thermometers at the entrances of the Church. Clergy, Lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers will have their temperature taken before Mass.
  • Eucharistic Ministers will wear masks for the distribution of the Eucharist.
  • Those who wish to receive the Eucharist on the Tongue, will have a designated line for reception. After the minister has placed the Eucharist on the recipient's tongue, the minister will sanitize their hands.
  • Every lector has their own copy of the Scriptures, he/she is asked to bring their copy with them to Mass.
  • We will not have servers (student or adult) until we are in the green phase. Their safety is most important.
  • Similarly for safety, the missalettes have been put away until we are in the green phase.
  • That being said, I am in discussion with some advisers regarding the organist and cantor. The concerns and comfort level of the organist and cantor will be the deciding factor. When available, parish bulletins will be left on tables for your convenience but our ushers will not distribute them.
  • Yes there will be a collection. I want to thank everyone for their spiritual and financial support of our parish.
  • Home Visitation will resume when we are allowed and when we have enough ministers to visit.
  • There may some other items that concern you, please feel free to contact me at

    God Bless, Fr. Larry