Pastor ~ Rev. Lawrence F. Crehan

Sunday Ministry ~ Rev. Aloysius Ochasi

Deacon Raymond Jacobucci

Director of Religious Education ~
Anne Florian

Music Director ~ Dee LeFevre

Choir Director ~ Marie Depasquale

Parish Business Manager ~
Joseph Costello

Parish Secretary ~ Patti Duff

Maintenance ~ Skip Webb


September 27, 2020

A Message from Father Larry...

Meditation of the Day ~ Taking Nothing, Having Everything

I urge you to have ever greater confidence in God, for it is written that those who trust in him will never be forsaken. Don’t turn in on yourself as so often happens, unfortunately. In the midst of the trials which may afflict you, just place all your confidence in our Supreme Good in the knowledge that he takes more care of us than a mother takes of her child…. Take courage, then, I repeat, and have courage at all times. The Lord is with you, always ready to welcome what you confide to him in secret. What a great consolation it is to know that we always have access to such a dear friend, to such a loving Spouse! The apostle of the nations raised his voice to cry out: If God is for us, who is against us?...

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