Pastor ~ Rev. Lawrence F. Crehan

Sunday Ministry ~ Rev. Aloysius Ochasi

Deacon Raymond Jacobucci

Director of Religious Education ~
Anne Florian

Music Director ~ Dee LeFevre

Choir Director ~ Marie Depasquale

Parish Business Manager ~
Joseph Costello

Parish Secretary ~ Patti Duff

Maintenance ~ Skip Webb


November 29, 2020

A Message from Father Larry...

Meditation of the Day

"Season of Longing, Season of Prayer"

In what we so often think of as a terribly jaded age, there is a deep hunger for something beyond: a hunger to be reminded that this life is only the beginning, that all of the pain and suffering will one day be washed away; a hunger for support in this life so that we can go through this pilgrimage achieving some kind of serenity and peace; a hunger for a spiritual life that is best reflected in prayer, prayer of every type, the prayer of the Rosary, the prayer of singing the Psalms, and so on. This is what Advent is about: the spirit of prayer…

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